Sta-Kleen Vinyl

Sta-Kleen is a long lasting “shield” that protects the surface of the upholstery from ink graffiti and other damaging stains. Stains such as ball point ink, yellow mustard and other traditionally difficult stains, are easily removed and virtually “erased” by cleaning with a dry cloth or mild soap and water.

Cleaning and Care

While staining and soiling exposures are common to upholstery fabrics, most stain and soiling may be removed by using the simple cleaning methods that follow:

Stain Resistance

Products protected by Sta-Kleen include lasting protection (Class 4-5) as tested against blood, urine, ballpoint ink, mustard and other difficult stains. Abrasion Resistance Products protected by Sta-Kleen have passed industry standard tests for abrasion resistance exceeding 200,000 Double Rubs (Wyzenbeek Test Method) Classification: Heavy Duty. See individual pattern specifications for specific results. Microbial Protection Sta-Kleen products include antimicrobial protection and are sulfide stain-resistant, microbial and bacteria resistant.

Cleaning and Maintenance
Products protected by Sta-Kleen are easy to clean and maintain. For easy cleaning of recent soiling, promptly wash with a mild soap solution. For more stubborn stains, use mild solvent cleaners such as formula 409® or Fantastik® mixed with water, rinse with clear water, wipe with clean cloth.

Many persistent stains can be “dry-erased” with a clean cloth. If a “ghost” stain remains, wipe with cloth dipped in isopropyl alcohol. Rinse with clear water and let dry. Sta- Kleen products can be cleaned with up to a 5 to 1 water / bleach solution.

Always be sure to rinse with clear water and wipe with clean cloth after cleaning to remove any residual cleaning agent.

Cleaning with active solvents such as acetone and keytone are not recommended.

Repeated cleaning will not damage or diminish the cleanability of the surface.

Caution: some solvents are highly flammable. Exercise proper care in cleaning. This information is not a guarantee and does not relieve the user from the responsibility of the proper and safe use of this product and all cleaning agents.